Many companies today find themselves in a position where digitization is a must or they are looking for ways to do so. The word digitize, in particular, has been gaining prominence in recent years.

It has caused businesses to reinvent themselves and sell online to survive. Other businesses continue to thrive by selling online or offline.

They are still operating in a traditional business environment but have come to realize that their business is at greater risk if they don’t embrace the digital world. This will allow them to grow to an infinite extent.

Many businesses were forced to close because they didn’t have their business ready for the digital world.

Analysis of Situation

To digitize your business first analyze your company and analyze your competition. This is an important step, as it allows you to determine what resources are available.

This is why it is so important to conduct a SWOT analysis. It aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business and brand, as well as the threats and opportunities.

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Identify You Audience

Analyzing the situation is the next step. This is to identify your audience online. They are often different from the offline audience because their behavior and situation are usually very different.

You should note that while there are traditional audiences for physical businesses, that client may not be an online one. However, there might be another client who does not visit the physical point but can be an internet client.

So you need to determine if your client will also be online and how the internet world will open up new opportunities to you to reach a wider audience than you had before.

Although it is possible for the same customer in both your physical store and online, this is less common.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly analyze the audience you are trying to reach and then study it in detail.

Design a Digital Marketing Strategy

We need to bring people to our website. Clients won’t start coming so we must plan what we will do and what actions we will take to make them discover our Web.

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Digital advertising is a key part of digitizing your business. It will allow you to attract the most people interested in your product in the shortest time. Digital to bring customers to your site.

Channels to Digitalize Your Physical Business

It will then determine the best channels based on this information. Do not start managing your social media profiles like crazy. We don’t need to be on Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

Every social network requires a lot of content. It is difficult to create relevant content and will require a lot more resources. In the beginning, it is important to think carefully about where you want to strategically invest your resources.

We recommend that you use Instagram as your first option. They go hand-in-hand, it can take the same effort, and you cover two social media networks.

CRM System

Create a customer management CRM system. This is especially important as we move into the digital age. Keeping control of Excel is not only impossible but also inefficient and unprofitable. So, analyze which CRMs you could install.

CRM is also a strategic tool for your digital business. It is essential because it brings together, organizes, and allows you to use data. If you don’t have it you will have serious problems.


Automation is the sixth step, which goes hand-in-hand with CRM. Automation is key in today’s digital world. A large percentage of sales will be generated by automation processes.

This refers to how to automate sales funnels and generate new customers using data.

It is important to begin automating simple tasks as soon as possible. We don’t need to go into complex areas, but we will find the time. The important thing is to start small.


Consider collaborating or incorporating new professionals into your business. What if you could have a professional help you create more effective texts? Copywriting is essential.

It has been necessary for a long time, but with digitization and speedy user information consumption, it is more urgent than ever.

is a text. It’s just a text. If you say it in any way, completely determines whether they will buy your product.

You should think of the internet as a marketplace. In the physical world, it is easier to sell and more expensive. However, online, you have the potential client right in front of your website.

This perception will guide your decision-making. The images, videos, and texts will all be important. We must then sell the user the value of our product.

Continuous Training

The last and most important point in digitizing your business is continuous training of your employees and your.

It is important to note that digital marketing is strategic. Maybe in your face-to-face business, it wasn’t so.

Still, if you do not know how to implement this or you don’t have time to do this by yourself. You can always take the help of Digital Specialist.

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