Best Street Foods You Must Try in Korea

Are you looking forward to knowing about the most popular street foods here in the streets of Korea? Here you will find the spiciest and most tasty foods you can enjoy in the streets of Korea. It is essential for the best street foods. Which are the most popular street foods in Korea? It is essential to know about it. You can’t only find delicious food in nice restaurants in South Korea.

When you are in South Korea, you don’t even need to empty your pocket to satisfy your taste buds. However, traveling to South Korea is not complete if you do not taste their street food. The food available on South Korea’s streets is incredibly delicious and can easily be found everywhere. You can find different types of street foods in South Korea and in the same way in North Korea, which will taste different.


It is a gold fish-shaped waffle stuffed with red bean filling and is the favorite street food of Korean youth. The outer layer is crispy, and it is gooey from the inside. The curious looks of Bungeoppang attract lots of tourists as well as locals. Nowadays, there is advancement in this most delicious food. Apart from the simple ordinary bean, there are available that you must try, such as cream and custard.


It is the most famous sweet crispy Korean fried chicken. In the Korean language, Dak means chicken, and it is a stir-fried chicken marinated in sauce. You can taste many different types of Dakgangjeong that are available on the streets of South Korea, in which just the sauce makes a big difference. The most common and popular one is stir-fried chicken with sweet chili sauce. However, some street vendors who sell Dakgangjeong are very famous, as you have to wait for hours to taste their Dakgangjeong. Many people come from other regions of South Korea to try the Dakgangjeong, which is sold in some specific spots.


This delicious Korean street food is famous as the best friend of tteokbokki because it goes well. Many street vendors offer coupons and sale deals on different special occasions in South Korea, giving you a chance to taste the delicious Korean street food at a very affordable price. The dipping sauces of the Soondae are different in all the regions of South Korea. However, if you are in Busan, the Soondae is served with Makjang, a sauce made from doenjang and gochujang).

Bap Burger:

It is a burger with buns of compressed rice that also has meat and veggies. It is one of the most famous Korean street foods, especially among the students, because of its delicious taste and affordable price. Bap burger is filled with kimchi, tuna, spicy pork, or chicken with different veggies, which are then toasted and scorched to give it a Smokey flavor and crunchy texture.

Gilgeori Toast:

Gilgeori means street in the Korean language, so it is a street toast. You can also use coupons for Korean foods on Coupon Sites such as CouponXOO to enjoy this delicious Korean street food. Gilgeori Toast is the most sentimental street food for most Koreans, reminiscent of childhood. You need to taste these kinds of foods here in Korea; you need to work on them to visit food streets. It is a quick, easy and affordable dish that you can have for lunch or breakfast. This delicious sandwich is made by sprinkling ketchup and sugar on carrot and egg pancakes.


It is one of the most famous grilled chicken snacks on a stick available on the streets of South Korea. Usually, it is coated with an addictive sweet and spicy sauce and sometimes seasoned with just salt. Furthermore, the purpose is to make it look like introducing different flavors. Are you looking to know about these foods here in Korea, you need to visit food streets to enjoy the taste? This street food is the most liked in the streets of Korea.


For most people globally, the name Tteokbokki is not new, especially for those interested in Korean culture or watching Korean dramas and movies. Nowadays, delicious twist versions of Tteokbokki are also available on the Korean streets, including Carbonara Tteokbokki, Curry Tteokbokki, and Bacon Tteokbokki.

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These are some of the most famous and the best Korean street foods that you must try when visiting South Korea. These street foods are very delicious and the exact cultures of South Korea, as the street vendors are locals. The best street foods you must try in Korea when you visit, it is essential to try most of the above-discussed street foods.

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