Electric Cars the year 2030, the authorities of the United Kingdom are planning to enact new legislation that would make it illegal to sell new gasoline or diesel-powered automobiles Electric Cars. By the year 2050, all of the older secondhand automobiles of this sort would have almost vanished from the market. As a result of the widespread use of this new technology, several obstacles must be overcome. Contact us for Michelin Tyres Milton Keynes for your electric cars.

Concerns about the ability to charge the car as well as the accessibility of public recharging stations are among the most significant. However, drivers have a variety of additional inquiries about the operation and maintenance of these new vehicles. One of the numerous questions that people have is whether or not electric automobiles need unique tyres. 

The standards for electric car tyres are similar to those for tyres used on other types of vehicles. This is because drivers are seeking ways to improve their comfort, fuel economy, and efficiency.

Electric automobiles, on the other hand, are much heavier than their normal gasoline or diesel counterparts. They are approximately 20%-30% heavier than normal. This is before taking into consideration the extra weight that comes with having a huge battery.

If you put a conventional tyre on an electric car, you should not expect it to last as much.

In that case, how does the tyre of an electric automobile vary from the Mobile Tyre Fitting Milton Keynes that comes standard on a regular vehicle? Electric vehicle tyres are more costly. This is because their construction is purposefully geared toward withstanding the load and quick acceleration of an electric vehicle. These automobiles, in essence, need to exert more effort electric cars.

Electric vehicle tyres are more robust than traditional car tyres, therefore they last far longer than regular tyres. Makers of tyres had to make products that could support the heavier car. They have put forth a lot of effort to ensure that the sidewall plus tread can support the additional weight. One advantage is a longer expected lifespan.

They produce far less noise than standard tyres. However, there is a possibility that the cabin will still let in more ambient noise. This is due to the motor of an electric automobile does not produce any noise, in contrast to the motor of a standard car, which does.

Is it possible to install standard tyres on an electric vehicle?

There is no reason why a driver couldn’t carry out these actions. They will discover, however, that the tyres wear out up to thirty per cent more quickly than they would have if they had installed new tyres that are particularly intended for this innovation and the additional load of the car. Additionally, ordinary tyres will produce a harsher sound. Extra force on the pavement will be bad for the vehicle’s tyres and suspension due to the heavier loads and torque. On the other hand, the price of standard tyres is much lower than that of EV tyres. This is because EV tyres are still regarded as being of a particular design. However, if there are a sufficient number of electric vehicles on the road, costs will most likely start to decrease electric cars.

How to properly maintain the tyres on an electric vehicle

If you have just spent money on a new set of tyres, you will most likely want to take excellent care of your investment to ensure that they last as long as possible. You can accomplish this in a variety of straightforward and basic methods, just like how you should change the tyres on a standard automobile.

Regularly check the state of the tyres to make sure they are in good shape.

Always double-check them before getting back into the car. Perform a more thorough examination once a week. Check the exterior of the tyres to determine if there are any lumps and bumps, tears, irregular tread wear, or any additional types of damage.

The level of inflation in tyres

Make sure the tyres have the right quantity of air in them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You should check this at least once a month, or more regularly if you travel a lot.

Rotate the tyres

Your local garage or tyre specialist should be able to provide you with periodic times. On average, though, it takes approximately six months electric cars. This will assist in maintaining a uniform wear pattern throughout all of the tyres.

Check the wheel balance and adjust as necessary.

Ensure that the wheel alignment is accurate. This will keep the fuel economy and the performance of the tyres at the same level.

Maintain safe practices behind the wheel.

When possible, avoid applying sudden pressure to the brake pedal. Take extra precautions while parking on the sidewalk and turning corners to prevent “kerbing” the tyres, which is when you accidentally bump against the curb.

Are there any differences between the legal and acceptable tread depths for tyres for use on electric vehicles?

The tread thickness among all tyres, even ones on electric cars, must meet or exceed the UK legal standard of 1.6mm.

Is it possible to boost the efficiency of an electric car by changing the tyres?

Fitting improper tyres, such as those not designed to handle the extra load of an electric vehicle, might harm your vehicle’s efficiency.

It is possible to enhance the rolling resistance of an electric vehicle by using the incorrect tyres. This is the resistance to forwarding motion that the Electric Cars encounters while rolling down the road. It is essential to have poor resistance. This is because the lower the resilience, the less effort the motor will have to exert to manoeuvre the car. This, in effect, will affect the battery’s energy usage or the vehicle’s endurance.


What maintenance should you do on the tyres of your electric vehicle?

  • The following are some of the many concepts that will apply to the maintenance of the tyres on evs in the same way that they apply to the maintenance of the tyres on standard automobiles:
  • Carry out a visual inspection of your tyres. Before you get in the automobile, you should quickly look them over.
  • Perform an examination that is more comprehensive and in-depth once a week.
  • Check to make certain that the tyres have the appropriate amount of pressure in them. A decrease in tyre pressure will most likely cause a rise in the rolling resistance of an electric vehicle. As a consequence, this will affect the range.
  • Please drive carefully. It is important to steer clear of “kerbing” the electric cars, which occurs when the wheels of the vehicle grab on the curb while turning a corner or parking on high ground.
  • After 6 months, you should give the tyres a new rotation.

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