We all have heard about trekking into lofty mountains and hills. Well if you want to experience a different side of trekking, then you should add Gokarna beach trek in your wishlist. Gokarna is a small town in Karnataka known for its pristine blue waters and  golden sand beaches . 

It is located in the southernmost outskirts of Goa.Gokarna beach is popular Hindu pilgrimage site The Mahabaleshwar temple, Kotiteerth and feel other holy places with scenic views of calm and clean beaches like Gokarn main beach, Om beach,Paradise beach,Half moon beach and Vibhuti falls and Yana rocks are some of the places which attracts tourists and foreigners from all over the country. 

Where does the trek start?

Gokarna main beach from where your trek starts and the trek route is popularly known as Golden route  and the trail you walk  is followed by rocky hills on one side and stretch of Arabian sea on other side. This route will pass through many beaches starting from The kudle beach which is one kilometre long hike with an arch shape of beach where you can witness the sunset in the backdrop will make you experience  the utmost beauty of waves hitting the shore and move on to one of the popular beaches is Om beach which has 2-3kms of hiking into the  shiny rocky plantations. 

On one side with a sheer view of the sea on the other side. You can point out the lonely coconut tree if we go deep further we can see a huge  rock which is called a rock of peace where travellers spend long hours to experience the serenity of the sea where sometimes you can spot a lazy dolphin. 

Half moon beach

Walking down the trail is the route to Half moon beach where on the way you can see the kumta across the paradise beach where one can find the boulders to reach a small beautiful rock called shiva climb where you  can learn the 3 contact climbing to climb the boulder. Onto the trail next to Half-moon beach is paradise beach at a stretch of 150 kms is covered by almost rocks which makes difficult to cross the path and rest of the beach are adorned by clean sand all over which offers great experience to spend time in the nature’s heaven and find your solace and being in love with this striking beauty. 

Location of gokarna beach trek

Gokarna is located 520 km from Bangalore and is an ideal place for a long weekend surrounded by divine palm trees and coconut trees and vast coastlines which offers a great trekking experience where the path is challenging due to its weather conditions near the shore. 

How to Reach Gokarna Beach

The quickest way to reach the beach is hailing a taxi which takes approx 3 hours or you can reach through the Dabolim Airport which is the nearest airport to reach. There are lots of ways to reach Gokarna beach via public transport or you can travel by rail and stop at Karwar and Bhatkal, the major towns in Gokarna. 

Things to explore in Gokarna beach 

  • Gokarna beach is an adventure hotspot for water sports.Travellers who love adventure. From jet ski ride to banana ride it offers an ideal location for your adventure sport. 
  • Visit to Mirjan Fort is one of the well preserved jewels of India overlooking the Arabian sea and is popular for its mysterious tales and stories. 
  • Soak your tiredness in the warmth of sea waves at night trekking, enjoying music and bonfires. 

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Gokarna beach for trekking is October to March to avoid the southwest monsoon. April to May is considered as the hottest season where the proximity of the sea leads to   hot and humidity levels get high. 

Major attractions near Gokarna beach 

  • Mirjan Fort located on the banks of Agahanasini river which is home to rich culture and architectural beauty 
  • Agahanasini river is situated close to Mirjan Fort originates from Western Ghats in Uttar kannada where you can enjoy the views of splendid waterfalls such as burude falls, Unchalli falls, known for its eccentric eye-catching view. 

Gokarna trek is one of the best weekend getaways from all the shores of the city if you are a beach lover or an adventure enthusiast. 

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