Jhalana leopard safari park spread across an area of 23sq km is home to a lot of leopards.It is located near the Aravalli range’s foothills. It was a hunting ground for the Maharajas of Rajasthan.  Although it’s known for leopards, it also has vast wildlife.  Leopards, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, deers, and many other species can be found here. Jhalana safari is a must if you visit Jaipur. 

Flora and Fauna

You can see animals like Indian palm civets, golden jackal, chital, desert fox, and striped hyena. You can watch different birds like flycatcher, shikra, spotted owl, owl, dusky eagle, golden oriole, and nightjar. You can also spot different reptiles. 

Apart from all these, you can spot blue bulls, Ruddy mongoose, Desert Gerbils, Spotted deer, Striped Hyena, Desert Fox, Sambar Deer, Hanuman Langur, Bengal Monitor, Hedgehog, Small Indian Mongoose, and Rhesus Macaque. 

Safari time 

The safari takes nearly 2.5 hours. It’s a short safari but it teaches a lot of things in a short time. The tour is perfect for a short break from life. You get to know and see a lot of animals and birds. 

Safari timing

Morning ( Summer) : 6 am to 9 am 

Evening ( Summer) : 6:30 am to 9:30 am

Morning (Winters) : 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Evening (Winters) : 3:00 pm to 6 pm

Best time to visit

The summer season is the best season for this safari. You will also find it ideal to visit from November to March.

Reach Jhalana Safari

It is 12.1 km away from Jaipur Railway Station.

• Use public transportation to reach in half an hour

•It is 5.3 km away from the airport and takes 20 min to reach. 


Your camera is a must if you are going on a safari here. You’ll catch a lot of breathtaking moments and you don’t want to miss them.

• You will get tour guides to guide you throughout the journey.

• You can witness and visit the Jhalana Leopard Reserve. 

• You will get an open-air gypsy ride.

You can see Dunlins, Flamingos, Cranes, Egrets, Bar-headed goose, cormorants, Eurasian sparrowhawk, Golden Oriole, Indian Pitta, Indian Eagle Owl, Shikra, Nightjar, Woodpecker, Brown Fantail, and Indian  Scops Owl.  

Precautions and Essentials

• Take lotions, Sunscreen, and Sunglasses

• Take essential oils.

• Carry a double strap backpack. ( No side sling) 

• Carry good shoes and foot relax oils.

• Carry Cotton clothes for summer and Jackets for winter. 

• Carry personal toiletries.

• Carry personal medicine and first aid.

• Carry electronic chargers which you can charge at hotels

• Carry a decent camera

• Carry caps and hats.

• Carry identity proof.

• Carry your belongings sealed in a plastic bag inside your carry bag. 

• Do not make your bag heavy.

• Carry water, dry fruits, and energy bars.

• Carry sprays.

• Carry mosquito repellent.

• Carry plastic seals.

• Take care of your belongings.

• Have towels and tissue paper with you.

• Carry passport with you.

• Wheelchair isn’t accessible

• Stroller is accessible.

Jhalana, which is situated right at the heart of the pink city, has seen a boost of tourists in recent times. The number of leopards has skyrocketed through the years and so has the population of other animals. Six leopard falls are close to the safari park so it’s easier to spot them in their natural vegetation. Leopards, being the apex predators here, rule the reserve as they have no bigger competitor. Their survival is easy and more flexible. 

Apart from leopards, the ample presence of other animals makes the reserve an ecosystem in itself. The presence of trees like Bamboo and Acacia gives a more natural feeling. This reserve is a spot for migratory birds as well. This trip is perfect for animal lovers, wildlife photographers, nature enthusiasts, and busy people who want a short break in their life. People visiting Jaipur should consider this short safari as it provides a lot of insight into nature, wildlife, and tourism. 

Open Gypsy Safari is the best option as you can get exposure to nature and spot animals at the same time. The safari is free for children below 4 years and you should come with your friends and family. It’s a perfect short vacation if you’re looking for one.

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