Are you searching for ways to combat wrinkles and make your skin look more alluring without surgery? Do not worry because a non-surgical facelift will help you with more plump and smooth skin. How can you determine which treatment procedures are right for you with the variety of treatment procedures available?

What is a non-surgical facelift?

‘Facelift’ refers to the procedure of lifting and tightening facial skin. This has always been a surgical procedure until lately. This method is an invasive surgical technique with risks due to the application of anaesthesia and a lengthy recovery timeline. Although this might be the best option for some people, for others, the non-surgical procedure which is less intrusive and a better and more satisfying facelift process.

Generally speaking, whether surgical or non-surgical, a facelift procedure will help combat wrinkles, giving you a smoother look. Some non-surgical procedures provide you with room to design your choice profile. For instance, a weak chin can be shaped to your preferred choice.

All non-surgical facelift deals with each procedure differently to achieve significant long-term outcomes.

Kinds of Non-surgical Facelifts

Thread Lift

This innovative procedure for sagging or drooping skin delivers a dual skin tightening action. Firstly, the thread lift uses surgical threads to lift and fasten the skin, giving you a bright and young look. The threads are specifically made to deliver life-long hold so that your new look will be long-lasting.

Secondly, the thread lift is gotten from the sutures. These sutures, made from polydioxanone- PDO- stimulate collagen generation and allow your body to manage fine lines and wrinkles naturally.

Your Expectations:

The doctor applies a local anaesthetic during the procedure and inserts the threads expertly into the skin using a needle; the doctor leaves no cuts or marks. When the physician tightens the threads, your skin will increase, making it look smooth and fresh. This fast and straightforward procedure lasts between 45minutes to 1hour with immediate and effective outcomes.


HIFU, also known as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a novel cosmetic procedure already becoming well-known. It was used formerly in medical systems, recording excellent and safe results. How then does it function as a non-surgical facelift procedure?

The High-Intensity Ultrasound utilises ultrasound energy to target cells underneath the skin. These high frequency sounds heat the tissue up quickly, destroying the cells and enabling new cells to regenerate. This then stimulates the biological production of collagen, which enhances the firmness of the skin and its elasticity. This procedure does not result in any form of damage, and there’s no specific healing time.

High-Intensity Ultrasound has, over time, shown remarkable outcomes as a pain-free, non-surgical procedure.


This is a new invention in skin procedures. Although the treatment methods differ, this procedure uses hyaluronic acid like dermal fillers. The hyaluronic acid is quite gel-like and strong for the dermal fillers procedure, filling the drooping skin and acting as a cushion. This procedure is excellent for dealing with specific locations.

Profhilo uses a ‘runny’ hyaluronic acid which has slow-release properties. This acid provokes the generation of four kinds of collagen and elastin on your face. This new collagen in your dermal layer draws water, thereby keeping your skin looking well hydrated and chubby; this gives you a natural effect with more smooth and firm skin.

8 Point Facelift

This procedure gives you a complete lift in a particular and straightforward way. It provides excellent results because of its accurate and thorough process of ageing. 

Dermal fillers are strategically used at several locations on the face to lift and recreate the pattern of the face rather than to fill the loose skin. This kind of procedure leaves you looking bright and young.

Why should you consider a Non-surgical Facelift?

To restore confidence

It is popularly said that beauty is only skin deep, but the feeling of confidence in the way you look is more profound. If you feel self-aware about wrinkles, lines, furrows or loose brows, and drooping skin, you may not be living a whole and happy life.

No Cutting

There will be no cutting on your skin in a non-surgical procedure. It also means that there will be no permanent scars, and the possibility of getting infections is nonexistent. You will also recover in no time.

Low Risks

Non-surgical means no surgeries. Due to this, there will be no need for general anaesthetic. This procedure is relatively safe, with exceptional outcomes and few risks.

Life-long outcomes without permanent change

All the available treatment procedures bring about a significant difference in the patient’s skin, including tightness for quite a long time. However, if a patient decides to return to their original look, the effect will gradually fade. This also implies that you can try different treatment procedures to achieve the best results you desire.

With the numerous benefits of a non-surgical procedure, let’s discover which will be best for you. Reach out to experienced dermatologists of Lip Fillers London today to handle your non-surgical facelift treatment in London for a long-lasting result.

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