Our dreams are blossoming one after the other beyond the horizon.” The dawn from the mountain of Skandagiri is the most admired sight. It is also known as Kalwara Betta and is approximately 70 kilometres from Bangalore, making it an ideal site for a night climb and spectacular dawn.

Ice breaker session

The trek leaders and everyone introduced themselves when all of the pickups were completed. The icebreaker sessions were particularly enjoyable; we played “Introduce your partner” and “Memory game of names” from one end to the other, which resulted in a lot of laughs, and determining the lie between three assertions was another fun game.

Route to take

We were driving along the NH7 Bellary route, laughing our heads off with silly games like storytelling. At around 2 a.m., we arrived at the Base – Pabagni Muttam near Kalwara village. We sat there, relishing the chilly weather; November is a winter month in Bangalore, thus the nights are cold. Then, around 2:30 a.m., we went to the forest department’s entrance to obtain our permits and a local guide. A local guide is assigned to each party.

At roughly 3 a.m., we all embarked on our journey. We started trekking at a good speed and had wonderful chats along the way; people came from all walks of life, and as they say, the spirit of a traveller is all that is required for people to connect. The best part about this walk is that it used to be full of controversies, but this time there are many groups of people going through the night, so no one feels unsafe at any moment.

Beginning of the climb

The climb begins on a semi-dry track and progresses through a lush green trail to a strenuous ascent in the last minutes. Tipu Sultan originally built a fort here, which was destroyed by Britishers in 1791.

As a result, as we ascend, we see the fort’s remains going up to the temple at the summit. The trek leaders and forest guides were with us the entire time, and we all trekked with some intriguing chats as time flew by and we got closer to the summit – the dawning point.

View of the trek

The sky was shifting from a dark blue to a grey and crimson mixture. Then we saw the colours transform into white and orange, and once we reached the peak, the clouds formed a cluster over the peaks all around us. The sun rose gently from between the clouds, brushing the horizon, and stayed there for as long as our eyes could perceive this beauty, this overwhelming cocktail of colours and feelings that moved in lockstep within us, presenting us with a transcending experience.

The final ascent is difficult, as are the experiences that come with walking over unpaved pathways, boulders, and bruises, but when the mesmerising sun rises on one side, it is as jaw-dropping as ever, as are the cold breezy strong winds, the clouds that pass over you and cover the nearby peaks like a mould setting and beyond a backdrop of blue sky on the other.


We sat there, taking in the breathtaking scenery and watching the clouds gather and move over the next peak and the next. For tired eyes, this is a visual feast. The ambience, on the other hand, was calm but brimming with passion, ambitions, and dreams.

Our dreams glow when the sun hits the earth’s surface, adrift and onshore those suppressed dreams that resurface once the sky reaches the earth’s surface. Keep your gaze fixed on “the Horizon,” and your fantasies will look as real as ever right in front of your eyes…

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