These tips that home inspectors wish you had known will help sellers prepare for selling their homes and inform buyers of maintenance issues that impact the home age. Below are the 15 Things that a home inspection services st. catharines wish you Know.

Make sure you check the water heater.

There is a drain line that is connected to the TPR valve that is located on your water heater, according to James Porter of Access Home Inspections. “If the water heater is overheated, it will let the valve open and remove the water, and the heater could explode,” notes Porter. “The drain tube must be visible for six inches from the ground.”

Examine the area for Water near Your Foundation

Porter advises that experts should recommend the extension of downspouts to six feet to get water away from the foundation. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an unfinished basement, slab or crawlspace; having water in the vicinity of your foundation is not suitable for the foundation and the home you live in.

Maintain Your Rain Gutters Clean

Over the top of your head, it is possible that you may quickly forget to check your gutters and rainwater pipes for any debris. Your gutters manage the water’s flow away from your roof and guard not just your roof, foundation insulation and walls but also your lawn.

Gutters that aren’t functioning properly can cause thousands, if not hundreds, of dollars to fix.

Kitchen Range Safety

According to Porter, the anti-tip brackets can stop your range from tipping over when there is a lot of weight on the door, which is risky. While appliance manufacturers required them in 1991, that does not mean you must have one in place. Make sure you check your appliance for this crucial security feature.

Double-check Your Dishwasher

“Although the manufacturer makes new dishwashers with the drain looped on the front of the dish, the installation manual requires this loop to be placed above that sink,” says Porter. “Your drain tube for your dishwasher should be placed above the bottom of your sink and into the garbage disposal or drain.”

Make sure you cover your electrical wires and outlets and Switch Boxes

In the words of Porter, “Any electrical wiring that is not factory-installed wire less than 7 feet long must either within a wall or covered within the conductor.” The same is also true for outlets and switch boxes. They need to protected. It’s not just about looking better. It’s a requirement.

Beware of Condensation

On your chimney, on your ceiling, or around an air vent or windows, this could be an indication of a bigger problem. Therefore determine the cause for the excessive moisture and fix the issue, or contact an expert to identify and resolve the issue.

Check for Leaks

Inspecting the plumbing in your home for any leaks is recommended. Knowing plumbing issues could help you save time and cash when checking your home.

It’s best to take a walk-through before the time your inspector arrives to ensure that you don’t get caught off guard by any repairs required.

Check Stair Handrails

According to Porter, the handrail is necessary for any building with at least four stairs inside and outside. Be sure that the barriers you have are secured.

Check the Dryer Ventilation

Making sure you’ve checked and cleaned your dryer’s vent should be part of everyone’s routine maintenance schedule, even if you don’t have a plan for your home inspection.

Dryers cause about 7,700 fires throughout the Make sure the dryer vent is free of tears and obstructions and ensure everything works as it should. Reduce the risk by improving the dryer vent.

Storage Wood in a Proper Way

Though you may not consider wooding a danger to your home, Porter notes that wood for a wood-burning stove or fireplace should stored within three feet of your home. “Your firewood could draw wood-destroying insects, such as termites and carpenter ants,” Porter says.

You can get a second chance.

It may sound simple it’s not, but there’s a lot an inspector of your home will look for that you might not have used for an extended period. “Check every window and door, sensors for your garage door, and so on.,” says Porter. Hence Keep in mind that your prospective buyer will be expecting all the fixtures in your home to function properly.

Home Inspections is not the same as an Appraisal.

An home inspection services st. catharines inspects the home’s safety and detects any potential problems; they don’t determine the value in the market. What you should look out for when you’re looking at home appraisals.

Do not seek advice from others.

home inspection services st. catharines act as an independent authority on the condition of a property and its security. So, it would help if you didn’t ask home inspectors to purchase the home you’re looking at.

Home Inspectors aren’t your agent.

Again, home inspectors can only provide information on what they can do to improve the home’s condition. After they presented their documents their work is done. They aren’t able to assist the buyer in negotiating. Instead, send their report to the real estate agent and they’ll be able to tell you how to proceed.


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